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Welcome to Peregrine

As global markets evolve, adaption is essential. Peregrine is at the forefront of this dynamic change with a next-generation fund platform - connecting investors and investment managers through the power of technology. 

Our investment expertise, combined with innovative proprietary technology, is transforming the investment landscape through digitalization.  

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A launchpad for global investors and managers

Backed by leading global institutions, we are looking to the future of investments, and are not encumbered by inefficient legacy infrastructure and technology. 

We are focused on delivering real Operational Alpha, enabling you to manage and control your own capital  and investment needs with ease.

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The future of investment solutions
Peregrine enables access to tokenized investments on a global scale.

Investment structure solutions

Investment operations

Investor relations

Compliance-Aware Tokenization

To learn more about Peregrine's unique solutions, contact us.

What is tokenization?

What is tokenization?

Asset tokenization is the process of converting real assets such as real estate, commodities, private equity shares, and physical goods into digital assets on a blockchain.

$2.5 Million


1 token = $200


  • The simplest answer to what is asset tokenization on a blockchain is that it is a process through which a blockchain token is issued to digitally represent any real tradable asset such that you can trade with these digital tokens. 

  • Tokenization of assets can decrease costs by 35-65% compared to traditional securitization (source: BlockData).


Tokenized Assets are the Future of Financial Markets.

  • Boston Consulting Group (BCG), conservatively estimate tokenization will be a $16 trillion business opportunity by 2030.

  • Tokenization & blockchains can improve the efficiency of AML and KYC through faster reconciliation and verification processes.

  • In a broad perspective, tokenization and blockchain technology aim to decrease the role of intermediaries, cut down on transaction settlement time and its costs, improve the transparency of trade, decrease friction in transactions, and improve the speed of transactions. 

Investing and management can be simpler, with significant benefits for investors and managers:


For managers and issuers


Capital Raising Support

  • Traditional Capital
    Raising with reach in GCC, US, Apac, and Europe

  • Digital channels for Tokenized Funds

Investment Structure

  • Fund structure and Governance

  • Regulatory and Compliance.

  • Investor KYC, Register, & Reporting

Investment Operations

  • Middle Office Functions

  • Counterpart Interaction and Systems Integration

Investor Relations

  • Investor Onboarding

  • Reporting (portfolio, ESG, capital calls)

  • Access, Acceptance, and Assistance with Investors

Asset Tokenization

  • Tokenizing Funds and Assets

  • Smart Contracts

  • Global connectivity

With Peregrine, you can offer top-tier private assets to your clients in a branded digital environment.


For investors

Global Access

Access to global managers and diversified investments

Ease of Use

Streamlined onboarding with access to a range of investment opportunities


Regulated, institutional quality operational infrastructure and reporting 


Democratization and potential liquidity through Compliance-Aware Tokenization

How It Works

Get Started

Click the Login button and create your account by authenticating your email address. Keep an eye out for a Welcome email. Once complete, your login will take you to the Marketplace

Select your account type

Choose from Individual or Corporate investor. We must ensure you meet the criteria of a Professional investor. You will be asked a series of questions regarding your investment experience to ensure you are suitable for the products on the Peregrine platform. 

Complete Profile

You will be asked to provide your personal details, government issued ID, and supporting documentation. You may skip this step; however, you will not be able to invest in a product until you've been approved as an investor.

Submit your information

Following submission of your application and supporting documents, everything will be reviewed by the Peregrine operations team. You will receive an email on your application's status.

Verify your identity

You will be asked to provide your personal details, government issued ID, and supporting documentation. Have your mobile device ready to complete the identity verification process. You may skip this step; however, you will not be able to invest in a product until you've been approved as an investor.

Select Funds

Once approved, you can begin researching opportunities and investing in the marketplace

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