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Peregrine Ltd receives Category 3c license

The fund management and digital technology firm received authorization by the Financial Services Regulatory Authority on June 2, 2021

July 01, 2021

Peregrine, formerly named Securrency Capital Partners Ltd, has established an office in ADGM, and recruited a team of specialist operations and compliance professionals to work with the existing management team.

Peregrine has appointed a Board of Directors, including James Munce (CEO of Abu Dhabi Catalyst Partners), Simon Goodman, Paul Salama-Caro (PSG Capital), and John Hensel and Patrick Campos (Securrency Holdings).

Peregrine is further supported by partners, PSG and Securrency.

"It is great to be established in ADGM, a progressive regulatory jurisdiction, with a forward-looking attitude to investment management" - Simon Goodman, SEO of Peregrine

FSRA number 000004223

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